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Boost Infinite

Post good deals you have found here to share with the membership. Links are appreciated, or just tell us where to find it.
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Re: Boost Infinite

Post by JEBar » Tue Jul 09, 2024 8:33 pm

BigAl52 wrote:
Tue Jul 09, 2024 2:37 pm
They are in alot of Target and Walmart stores. You should be able to find one close by

10-4 .... info appreciated .... we can probably stop in and check the Brookings Walmart tomorrow
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Re: Boost Infinite

Post by Headhog » Tue Jul 09, 2024 10:10 pm

We have been with T Mobile now for several years. We have a 55+ plan which gives us 2 phones, unlimited text, talk and data in the USA, Canada and Mexico for $70 per month. This plan also includes unlimited text and data (3G data - kind of slow) in 200+ countries and voice call are $0.25 per minute. We use the international at least every when we spend 3 weeks in Aruba and on several cruise destinations we've been too. We use the text to stay in touch with home and neighbors as well as the data to navigate in rental cars. 3G data in plenty fast enough for navigation once the maps downloaded. Our domestic service is as good as we had with AT&T and in some places better.

T Mobile acquired Sprint a year or two ago and I believe they are now in the process of acquiring US Cellular.
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