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Show and tell about your Case knives
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Post by shootest » Fri Jan 18, 2019 9:15 am

Little did I know that this thing would increase in value over the years, but alas, I didn’t keep the box and the sheath shows some hard wear on it. The knife was bought in 1982 while I was on a WesPac float. It still serves me well!
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Re: Sidewinder

Post by PT7 » Fri Jan 18, 2019 9:31 am

That Case looks comfortably worn with it history and age. Nice knife.

I keep all my stuff --- boxes, sheaths, manuals, etc. (Yeah, kind of a packrat). It's surprising about having an original box (wood or paper) from a knife or firearm; important to some folk. One time I brought in a handgun to trade at my LGS. Just the handgun, because I didn't need everything else to learn if I'd get a square deal. The trade-in turned out okay. Then the LGS owner asked if I had a box and instruction manual, which would help the six-gun sell better. It must happen often enough that he takes in trades w/out the box, and didn't expect I had one. Well, I did and he gave me another $20 trade in value! That was a surprise. So I'm glad I've made some storage room and keep all the extras. One time it paid off okay.

Yeah, that's a cool-looking 8-) blade you have there.
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