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Re: More Leather Practice

Posted: Thu Apr 21, 2022 7:32 pm
by BrokenolMarine
I have spent a good bit of time in the shop practicing various techniques in the last few weeks, in between working on the sheath for that second small knife and tasks around the farm, but haven't posted it all because I didn't want to bore y'all silly. I have been watching various technique videos to learn new skills and have ordered a few more necessary stamps and tools to add range to my bench. Last night I got caught up in trying a new one and at 1am Tina came out to make sure I hadn't succumbed to fumes and died. :twisted: Nope, she doesn't get to cash that big insurance check just yet.

The technique I was practicing is called Upholstery... it's supposed to look like the old Diamond Tuck leather you'd find on chairs and couches or in cars, and taking my time I think this small sample turned out well. Tina said it might make a good Purse... :roll: Hmmm, was that a hint? I used a dark red dye on this practice piece, antiqued it twice and added a satin sheen finish.


I see my mistakes when I look at it, but I always do. I am very happy with the way it has turned out for a first attempt. :) If several more shots at practice turn out as well, I just might make a wallet or check book cover with this design for the boss.

Also in the past few weeks I have been refining my Ribbon Border, a Star Border, and learning some others. If there is a real interest I'll make a demo panel and post it... otherwise I'll save the space for exceptional things. (Or as close to exceptional as I get.) :lol:

Re: More Leather Practice

Posted: Thu Apr 21, 2022 7:42 pm
by bikeridertim
I for one think it looks great!! Can't decide if I like that or the Basket weave better!

Re: More Leather Practice

Posted: Sat Apr 23, 2022 1:44 am
by BrokenolMarine
Amazon surprised me and delivered my two new tandy tools early. They were due in on Monday and they arrived today, so I could try the new technique I watched a couple times, a rope border. I wanted to get right out and work on it, but unfortunately, I felt really bad this afternoon and found that the recliner monster had grabbed me and the dog and I slept away the afternoon. Miss Tina worked around the house keeping an eye on us to make sure there wasn't anything wrong other than yesterday's project whuppin' up on me. :twisted: :roll:

When I woke up and looked at the clock it was nearly dinner time and after milking chores were done, Miss T started on that while I took Miss Fiona for her evening ride in the Polaris. She get's Grumpy if she doesn't get it. :roll: (What? No, she's not spoiled.)

After dinner and a movie, Miss Tina went to bed and I headed out to the shop, the new tools were calling. The technique for the rope border uses a triangle shaped lined beveler. Worked out well, but took three tries to get it looking decent. Here is the first look at the raw practice piece. Top left is the first attempt, both left and right side stamps are even rather than staggered. Wrong. Top right is the second attempt, staggered, but not quite right, getting close. The "rope" across the bottom is very close to the correct effect. More practice and we'll get there. ;)


Next up was a larger practice piece for the Upholstery pattern. I worked harder to get the layout correct, and this time attempted to make the pattern look more worn or "aged." when looking at the picture, I notice I missed four button stamps, I can add those in later, but I was still tired and feeling punky. The spacing and layout is much better and I'm happy with the more realistic look. This is very thin leather, I'm thinking with a thicker leather I could get more "depth."


Next up we add some light brown dye and it took two coats to get it even. I like the look, but might try natural next time, just add some watco oil for finish and dye and see how it looks. A nice experiment.


dying is drying so we treat the leather with Mink Oil and rub it in good, really massage the leather. We don't want it to dry out and crack. This gives the leather back a rich luster.


Once it is all treated and all rubbed in, I'll antique. This highlights all the contrasts in the leather. Stamping, tooling, and stresses. Really brings the leather to life. You can really see that here in the rope practice piece. This has the dying, mink oil, and antique applied.


I think this is when you really see the work pay off. I set the leather aside to dry. Tomorrow I decide if this sample piece needs more work or gets a topcoat of finish applied. Here is a view of the three supplies used today. Mink Oil, Dye and Antique Paste.

I'll keep practicing, eventually I'll have to decide what sheath I'll make for the cocobolo Tanto I completed for myself ... and I still have the Single Action Holster project ahead, and now. a checkbook cover for Miss T. :)

Re: More Leather Practice

Posted: Sat Apr 23, 2022 10:33 am
by BrokenolMarine
Quick trip to the shop this morning to fix the missing "buttons" noted on the second Upholstery practice attempt. Knocked those out and antiqued that piece. It looks pretty good for now.


While I was there, I took a small square and knocked out two more practice shots at the rope border. One has a hard edge, and one without. I think I like the one without the hard edge. You guys? I'll need to take more time in beveling the edges in final pieces and should in practice if the samples will be keepers... well, I should in all practice. The beveling should be smooth without noticeable tool marks. Bad brokenolmarine, Bad. :cry:


I'll likely use a rope border on my sheath, if not barbed wire. ;)