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135 FTX

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135 FTX

Post by leverjc » Wed May 20, 2020 10:50 am

The Hornady 135grn. FTX bullet has peeked my interest since I found out about it. The Hornady 135 FTX is a strange bullet and even Hornady doesn't quite know why it was developed. At the time after reading Paco's article about a 300 yard 30-30 I started playing with lighter bullets with heavy loads. I wanted to see what could be done with the FTX in a 30-30. I could not find any load data for it or even anybody that had tried it so I started my loads for 130grn bullets.

For the 30-30 you can not load this bullet to the channel lure and OAL is determined by your rifle. I loaded up some dummy loads and found out my remlin would feed 2.6" rounds reliably. I did a ladder load of three rounds per powder charge. The charges were 37.1-38.4grns of CFE223, 2.60O OAL, Federal brass, Lee FC and Win lrm primers.

My results were good accuracy with all but one load that I think was my fault. At 50yds most of my groups were around .75". The velocity was hard to tell because of my chrono kept acting up. From the readings I could get were the 37.1 charge produced loads in the 2350 range and 38.4 grns I got 3 good readings 2478,2490,2497. I think this could make a 300yd 30-30 load for deer. Sighted in at 200 yds it will be 2.2" high at 100 and about 9" low at 300. At 300yds 1250 ft pounds of energy @ 200fps.
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