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*******Our Rules are a Concept more than a Written Code***********

Sit back and talk with friends. Same rules as before. Rule #1-Relax with friends on the front or back porch.
Rule #2-No Politics, religion or anything above a G level.
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*******Our Rules are a Concept more than a Written Code***********

Post by daytime dave » Mon Mar 23, 2020 4:05 pm

As we enter our fifth year, let me thank our wonderful membership for making our forums an oasis in the internet. Our rules and staff help make it that way. By not allowing some topics, it keeps things friendly and hospitable here. Just the way we want it. Our rules can best be explained in the form of a concept. We don't allow political or religious discussion. I will illustrate with some examples of the concept. These will serve to explain how we may deal with something you may have contributed here. We appreciate your participation. First and foremost, this is a gathering place to talk about Henry Repeating Arms ...... and just about anything else. The anything else is pretty well covered in these forums. When I built it and Sir Henry began to post in it, we have striven to make a place where 12 year old could come without supervision and learn about shooting sports, hunting and other activities. They still can.

So here are some examples: You can say John Tyler was the best President. We don't want to hear why. You can wish us happy Hanukkah towards the end of the year. You can tell us you will pray for us if we say that our son was killed suddenly in car accident and we reach out in a post here. You may not preach or promote any religion here. Religious symbols should not be used for your avatar. You can share photographs of your trip to Israel or Saudi Arabia or Egypt, but don't start discussing the regions politics. You may discuss current affairs, but obvious political or religious subjects will be shut down immediately. It goes the same for content rating. If it's to racy to say in front of most grandmothers, it's probably to racy for here. If you know something you link to has some really bad content, please put a caution on your link. We can't control what you link to, but we will hold you accountable that you knew where the link went to and what it's content was.

Ok, so that's the concept. I hope everyone gets it. If you don't, please PM a member of the staff. Ultimately, Sir Henry and I own this forum. We have a fine staff that help us set the tone. These forums are for our enjoyment of Henry Repeating Arms, many other shared hobbies and good comradeship and friendly discussions. Let's enjoy some good conversation.
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Re: *******Our Rules are a Concept more than a Written Code***********

Post by CT_Shooter » Mon Mar 23, 2020 4:13 pm

Thanks, Dave. I, for one, appreciate the civility and friendliness, without controversy or contention, that our members have consistently demonstrated. This is a great forum; equal to the Henry Rifles that we all own or want to own and discuss and celebrate here.
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Re: *******Our Rules are a Concept more than a Written Code***********

Post by ESquared » Mon Mar 23, 2020 8:02 pm

Well put, Dave! You've hit on the essence of what makes this a great place. Not hard to grasp that (to paraphrase) "...if it's not suitable for your grandkids or your grandmother..." then it belongs on another forum somewhere.

And, as the thousands of threads and posts show, there's still plenty to share and write about. Funny how that works.
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