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Productive range day

Put your range reports for all brands and types of firearms and other items.
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Productive range day

Post by Ojaileveraction » Wed Jan 15, 2020 7:54 pm

Hand a good range day yesterday.
There is , I'm sure, a statistical difference, but I can't tell the difference between shooting resized 32-20 cases and origanal 25-20 case. Groups, poi, chrono, no discernible differences.

A 86g MBC with a MV of 1140 will consistently knock down 1/2 size Ram at 100 meters. Even rump, high shoulder and foot hits.
At 1440 it does the job too.

Using Speer data the lowest 4198 data under a .358" 220gr fn delivers 1717fps ave. mv .
Same load of powder under a Berrys 158 RN 1649fps ave. mv.

Using the Hodgdon/IMR formula for Trail Boss loads, I put a Barry's 158 RN over a m ax load of TB. 1520 fps ave, MV.

My new to me 336A in 35rem came with a very light trigger, comparable to the Ranger Point Precision trigger I put in the 1884cl. Both were a total delight to shoot.

My astigmatism has gotten to the point of being a sighting issue.
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Re: Productive range day

Post by BigAl52 » Wed Jan 15, 2020 9:21 pm

Congrats there time. Shootin silly wets is just a blast in my book. Brings back memories of shootin levergun silly wet when I use to shoot BPCR up there in CoFisher land of the Corn Towards end when I finally decided it was taking to much of my time I almost enjoyed shooting the levers better than the 1874"s
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