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.30-40 Krag

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.30-40 Krag

Post by Pitchman1968 » Mon Oct 07, 2019 4:42 pm

I have an outside chance to acquire a Model 1899 .30-40 Krag... the model 1899 is the carbine version of the Krag model 1892 which was the standard US Army issued rifle from 1893 - 1903. The rifle appears to be in good condition; I have stripped it down and thoroughly cleaned it.... no rust and a nice patina on all exposed steel. The barrel is shiny with sharp rifling. Its wood virtually unmarked, however the stock does not carry a SA cartouche, and that bothers me.
The rifle is currently with the best gunsmith here in central Massachusetts for a safety inspection. If he certifies the rifle is safe to fire, I will make the owner an offer on it. However, I am struggling how much to offer. Does anyone have any experience with Krag pricing? I want to offer a fair price, but not an exorbitant one. If your can share with me a price range on the offer I will make, I will certainly appreciate that and grateful for your perspective.
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