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alone at the range

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alone at the range

Post by bandit1250 » Thu Oct 03, 2019 9:19 am

Had some time to take off to the range. They were working at the normal range I frequent. Went to the second range that looks to be neglected with the weeds and things not being kept under control. I need to take the weed wacker over next week and work on it. It was rather windy yesterday but I went over any way. Took my CZ 452 Lux and a Marlin 39A with a new peep sight I had just put on it. In all honesty I am drifting away from lever rifles. I have just lost interest in them but it could be a temporary thing and may get back into it. I have sold a lot of my 39A's off and may even sell the rest and keep just two for for my wife and two for me. Hard to believe a few years ago we had accumulated 26 Marlin 39A's and variations of the 39A. I can't say I really miss the work and time of taking care of them.
Well I shot OK with the 452 Lux considering it has the low powered 2-7 Leupold on it I use in squirrel season. I set the parallax on this scope for 55 yds.
I also took some of the wrong ammo with me for this rifle. Took ammo the 452 Trainer shoots well. The first target was with the wrong ammo. First shot clean barrel high and right. Then I shot the other remaining 36 shots at the same target to shoot them up.(Maybe a little mad at myself for bringing the wrong ammo.) The pistol ammo in my rifles is always higher than the standard velocity. Loaded a little hotter for semi-auto hand guns. Not counting the clean cold bore shot it was 36 shots in 13/16". 1" counting the first shot. Then I went to a more preferred ammo for this rifle and shot a 7/16" six shot group with it at the bottom circle. Next was RWS target rifle ammo. Lower target first was 5/8" and top was second group fired and was 3/8". All target were shot at 50 yds. with sand bags front and rear. Excuse my patched targets. Going to use them up before making new ones.
Next up was Aguila HI VEL HPT that is my squirrel ammo. 7 shots in a 1/2" and will be sighted in with this ammo before season starts. Next was SK Match which is very good ammo. Should have shot a fouler or two first. First shot was higher and the next six was one ragged hole measuring 1/4" for six and overall seven measured 7/16". I was satisfied with how it shot in fairly windy conditions and being a sporter barrel rifle with a low powered scope.
This was one of the victims to get some range time today. Same rifle as a Trainer but with walnut wood instead of beech. This Lux 452 is sweet.
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Re: alone at the range

Post by North Country Gal » Thu Oct 03, 2019 11:59 am

Funny how we've gone down much the same road. The only lever guns we have, now, are the falling block single shots if you can call them lever guns. :) The bulk of our rifles are now bolt guns. Nothing against lever guns, by the way. Love them and always will. Just prefer the simplicity of single shots and bolt guns and, let's face it, hard to beat the triggers on a bolt gun.

Love that Lux. Once had a Brno Model 2 that was basically a 452 Trainer with a walnut stock, instead of beech. Should have kept it, but you know how that goes.

That's some fine work with the CZs, wrong and right ammo. Great shooting, as always.
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