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Westie's Busy Morning

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Westie's Busy Morning

Post by BrokenolMarine » Thu Oct 03, 2019 7:37 am

She was losing her mind. Starting with a soft growl and low yip on the "observation platform" I added to the top of her living room crate (Princess Castle) that allows her to look out the back window into the yard at the pistol range. A doe and fawn were landscaping my berm and she was already complaining about the bill. :D

She hopped down and ran to the bay window where her daybed lets her look out into the front yard. (What? Who's spoiled?) She was vibrating, barking, and full on growling. Miss T walked over to the bay window, commenting: "I'm sure they haven't made it to the front yard that fast little girl." :lol:

Imagine her surprise to find a doe ten feet from the deck, a young fawn a few feet behind her. The Princess was beside herself. The two deer in the front yard would look at Fiona, eat a few acorns. Smirk at the Westie, eat more acorns. ;) Tina walked back across the living room and looked into the back yard, the Landscapers were still on duty. Fiona trotted back up the steps to her OP and stood watch.

Eventually, both moms led their charges back into the woods. Our little one is dividing HER time between her two favorite lookouts. :D
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Re: Westie's Busy Morning

Post by daytime dave » Sat Oct 05, 2019 7:23 am

A good burglar alarm.
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