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Firearm Regulations Reference

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Firearm Regulations Reference

Post by Mags » Sat Jan 26, 2019 11:30 pm

Provided for Reference/Informational Purposes Only - I have LOCKED this post to prevent any possibility of this leading to political discussion(s).

In another topic a while back someone asked where they could find out about gun laws in other jurisdictions. Recently found the Wikipedia reference below. Hopefully this provides a starting point for understanding the local laws of regions one might be traveling to and/or through (peaceable journey). Disclaimer: Some of the information might not be current as laws can change frequently. Always best to check with local government websites for the most current law. The "References" section footnotes should get one there. ... _by_nation

Navigation. Best to start navigating through the right side panel or table of contents to the region of interest.
Several of the country summaries also have deeper dive "Main Article" references to more detailed information.

For example: The United States summary includes "Main Article" references to
o Gun Law in the United States [Federal].
o Gun laws in the United States by State.
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