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Salute for the Victorinox Super Tinker

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Re: Salute for the Victorinox Super Tinker

Post by PT7 » Mon Jan 07, 2019 11:54 pm


Your multi-tool looks quite similar to mine. But I see yours has a ruler, so I think you have the more-equipped model.

Check out my thread I posted in 2017 on my Victorinox "Spirit." ... rit#p44596 There sure are many quality tools/knives made by this Swiss company. I've never been disappointed in any that I've purchased.

BTW, I regularly make myself NOT look at all the SAK models displayed in the web knife shops I visit at times. It sure would be easy to grow my small collection into a larger one! ;)
markiver54 wrote:Have had a daily carry Victorinox, in sheath on my belt for over 30 years now. Excellent quality. It goes everywhere with me just like my wallet. I feel naked if I don't have it. I use it on something or another every day. Best APT on the market by far!
No old glory on the sides, however mine is not a pocket knife and requires the sheath. Would love to add one like yours to the collection!20190107_201546.jpg
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Re: Salute for the Victorinox Super Tinker

Post by markiver54 » Tue Jan 08, 2019 12:09 am

Read your previous post and cannot agree more. One of these tools could literally save your life as well!
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