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Drive into Spring Break!

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Drive into Spring Break!

Post by Blackdog » Tue Mar 12, 2019 8:43 am

Being an old coot I never thought about Spring Break!. Was headed to Port Aransas, Tx and drove into a huge crown of Spring Breakers.
Warm enough for bating suits, but the water is still cold. Fog ever morning and evening...guess with enough beer none of this matters.

I was able to u-turn and get out of the mess.

Three groups make money off Spring Breakers - Restaurant/bar owners, hotel/vacation homes and the police. And the police are the most expensive and have the most devious ways to ticket you...stop the car in front of you on a crowded street and while they ticket car #1 give you a ticket for "Impeding the flow of traffic!!!"

No surf fishing this month - will try again in April.

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