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on my way out to hunt some moose

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Re: on my way out to hunt some moose

Post by JEBar » Sun Nov 19, 2017 2:51 pm

ruhler wrote:After a few hours my fingers and feet went numb so I lit up som charcoal in a bucket and took some hot coffee and a partly frozen sandwich :D These small things really makes the difference a cold day.
they most certainly do .... thanks for the pictures and comments, they revived some very pleasant memories .... there was a time that seems like it wasn't all that long ago when I relished getting out of bed hours before daylight, being in a stand on a cold, cold morning when the sun rose and hunted there all day long .... arthritis, a few surgeries, knee replacement and just growing older put an end to such days .... enjoy every moment, each will become more and more important as time moves on
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