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Texas: The hogs are winning

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Re: Texas: The hogs are winning

Post by markiver54 » Thu Jun 06, 2019 8:07 pm

Vaquero wrote:
Thu Jun 06, 2019 2:22 pm
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Wed Jun 05, 2019 3:32 pm
[quoteI know a rancher who tells me they run freely on his property and approach him closely and don't show much fear.
If it were my ranch....
Each one would only do it once. :o :shock: :lol: :lol:

Ditto... :x
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Re: Texas: The hogs are winning

Post by JEBar » Thu Jun 06, 2019 8:28 pm

I'd sure like to link up with some rancher/farmer in Texas who wouldn't mind having the herd on his land thinned ... ;)
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Re: Texas: The hogs are winning

Post by 220 » Sat Jun 08, 2019 7:38 pm

ESquared wrote:
Thu Jun 06, 2019 6:44 pm
Hog hunting is illegal in Missouri, with the Dept of Conservation depending (betting?) on trapping as the most effective means of eradication. This article, published 6 months ago, doesn't cite any data on their success, but it lays out their strategy and funding levels. Would really be interesting to see how it's going, but they do refer to success with this approach in Tennessee.
Interesting approach, hope it works for them but I doubt it.
I get hogs moving in once or twice a year not big numbers but mobs of a dozen or more. I have had a couple of traps out for 2 years and still haven't caught a single animal. They are the same design of trap I was using 20 years ago when I was trapping and selling for the European wild boar meat market. Wasnt unusual to catch 20 or 30 a week in a couple of traps back then so I know the traps do work.
I have shot nearly a dozen in the same time.
I think by far the best approach is a combined attack utilising all methods.
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