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FREE HOLSTER for NAA WASP .22 Mag revolver

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FREE HOLSTER for NAA WASP .22 Mag revolver

Postby PT7 » Tue Dec 04, 2018 2:15 pm

I believe this Classified lines up with our green-bordered "Tis the Season" greeting!" ;) Gifts do abound this time of year.

I no longer have my NAA WASP .22 MAGNUM, and still have an almost brand-new holster for it. The revolver has a 1-5/8" barrel with a 5-round cylinder capacity. This is an NAA stock photo:

WASP revolver_NAA-22M-TW.jpg

The leather holster was hand-made by John Losey of Concealment Holster Solutions. When I ordered it from him, he was about ready to retire. Anyway, it is a right-hand holster, black, with the extra Draw Button added. The only thing I did was ordered my first name engraved on the right side of the holster. But when it sits in your pocket, of course no one would see it! If we have the same first name, all the better. :lol: Here are holster photos:

WASP holster_right side_2974.JPG

WASP holster_left side_2975.JPG

No charge for the holster. A $10 check for shipping only will be easily accepted and appreciated. :)
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Re: FREE HOLSTER for NAA WASP .22 Mag revolver

Postby ChefDuane » Sat Feb 02, 2019 12:22 pm

Nice looking holsters! Thanks but I put on one of the NAA folding clip type holsters. Really light and works well for concealment when wearing a suit. Thanks for the info, tho!
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