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Replaced the O rings on the Benjamin PCP hand pump

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Replaced the O rings on the Benjamin PCP hand pump

Postby daytime dave » Sun Jan 21, 2018 6:14 pm

What a job. I replaced 11 O rings on my Benjamin PCP hand pump. I was airing up a rifle a few months ago and one of the seals blew out. I bought a kit that week and fast forward a couple of months and took the time to replace the seals.

What a job. It took almost two hours. I was careful to watch a video on Youtube and read the instructions with the kit.

Have you ever rebuilt one North Country Gal?

What a chore.

I pumped up the Discovery after that and it was fine. Glad I had the time now.

I should have taken pictures, but the inside was covered in dirty filthy silicone grease. I was covered too.
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Re: Replaced the O rings on the Benjamin PCP hand pump

Postby North Country Gal » Sun Jan 21, 2018 8:22 pm

No, I haven't and hope not to. Maybe I'll send mine to you and let you fix it for me if it goes bad. :)

Seriously, I do have the Benjamin pump and, so far, no issues, probably because shooting PCP is such a small part of my shooting. Don't use the pump that often. That, and we did invest in scuba tanks when we bought into the PCP setup. (The only way I could shoot the higher psi stuff.)

I would like to shoot more PCP, this year, but the problem is that shooting PCPs is a bad match for my shooting personality. When I shoot, I just want to shoot without worrying about my shot count and I especially hate interrupting my shooting to do a refill.

Now, if I hunted, shooting PCP would be a whole different story. Would be doing a LOT more of it. As a strictly target shooter and plinker, though, I do fine with the springers and the pump ups. Still, I do have an exceptional PCP rifle in our Daystate CR-97 (not many of these older 90s technology PCPs made over to this country), so I do want to shoot it more. Gorgeous rifle with it's English Walnut stock. Picked it up at a ridiculously low price at an estate auction because no one else in the crowd even knew what that strange rifle was. (Air gun shooter are a rare breed, up here.)

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