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Intro to PCP rifles: the Benjamin Discovery, Pt. 2

All things air related here. BB guns, pellet guns, paintball guns, even air shotguns.
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Re: Intro to PCP rifles: the Benjamin Discovery, Pt. 2

Postby North Country Gal » Mon Mar 26, 2018 10:46 am

Great points, Dave.

As for a scope on a PCP, it does not have to be airgun rated, the way it must be when used on a piston gun. I currently have a very basic Simmons 3-9x 22 Mag rimfire scope on our Disco. Works fine for that 25 yard and 50 yard work. For up close shooting under 25 yards, though, I highly recommend a scope with an AO. Up close is where you get the most parallax. Simmons, does make a 22 Mag with an AO, now, for only a bit more than the standard version. Well worth paying the little extra for it.

As for the pumping, here's a tip I learned long, ago, from pumping up bicycle tires to high pressures. To save wear and tear on your back, bend your knees as you pump, not your back. This allows you to use your weight to pump and saves you a lot of back pain the next morning. :)
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